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Uh...yeah. This...Well the title says it all doesn't it? Ash and Adam discuss putting Rod A into Slot B with Liza, Jonathan and Lauren.  Tales of virginities lost, favorite sex acts and fetishes galore are told. This is so, SO NSFW.

And awkward as fuck.

Show Notes:

Things You Should Never Say On A First Date (I Did!), A video produced by Liza

The Distraction Dance, Jonathan's Website

Vaccum Bed


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012 - Storytime with Jason

Ki Ki Ki Mah Mah Mah

Jason is back! Except not that one, it's the Jason we had on to talk noms with a couple episodes back.  He tells us more than he probably should have in a scintillating conversation with Ash and Adam that covers adventures in adult bookstores and then goes to...other...places.



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