Introducing a brand new show from Ash and Adam!  In "Netflix Roulette" we take a gamble on a tv show or movie neither of us has seen before and give our first impressions/review it.  We don't know what its gonna be so tune in to find out whether we hit the jackpot or end up breaking the bank.

In our pilot episode, we lay down the rules of the game, check out what's on the wheel and spin to find out what our first show/movie to review will be.

End theme: "The Golden age of Video" by Ricardo Autobahn

019 - Nick-stalgia

Ash and Adam return with guests Bryan, Turtle, and Denis to talk about the golden age of Nickelodeon and somehow get sidetracked by obscure pork by-products.

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Opening theme: "Double Dare" Theme song by Edd Kalehoff

Closing theme: "Hey Sandy" by Polaris

Our heroes return with guests Sharpo, Colin, and Albert to talk about all things Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and get sidetracked quite a few times.


Adam and friends return (with a mostly silent Ash) to once again talk about a cartoon show featuring singing princesses, candy-colored horses, rainbows and BEARS GETTING THEIR NECKS SNAPPED.  Can you handle the overwhelming sheer manliness of this episode?


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Intro Song: "Magic" by Pilot

Outro Song: "Mountain Sound" by Of Monsters and Men

All "My Little Pony" clips and songs property of Hasbro.


Oh, right, they have a podcast! Ash and Adam talk about where the hell they've been and what's been going on during an unintended hiatus, as well as the future of the show. All your questions are answered! Or none of them. Listen and find out either way!

Oh, right, they still have a podcast! Ash and Adam have a friendly chat with new guest Sharpo about...stuff! And then Denis shows up and we talk to him too.  The episode title will make more sense if you listen to the episode.



Oh look, a podcast! In it Ash and Adam chat up returning guest Jonathan about Star Trek!

...You know, when they can stay on topic.

(Voyager still sucks)


Uh...yeah. This...Well the title says it all doesn't it? Ash and Adam discuss putting Rod A into Slot B with Liza, Jonathan and Lauren.  Tales of virginities lost, favorite sex acts and fetishes galore are told. This is so, SO NSFW.

And awkward as fuck.

Show Notes:

Things You Should Never Say On A First Date (I Did!), A video produced by Liza

The Distraction Dance, Jonathan's Website

Vaccum Bed


Ki Ki Ki Mah Mah Mah

Jason is back! Except not that one, it's the Jason we had on to talk noms with a couple episodes back.  He tells us more than he probably should have in a scintillating conversation with Ash and Adam that covers adventures in adult bookstores and then goes to...other...places.



011 - Nintend’oh

Ash and Adam are joined by not one but TWO entire guests! Denis and Turtle chat with the feckless hosts about their memories of Nintendo and the direction of the gaming industry in general for about an hour and a half, then things get incredibly vulgar and Not Safe For Work.

Seriously, it gets pretty disgusting.


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